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Plan Now to Install Spectacular Large Opening Doors

Expert Door Replacement by a Reliable Muskoka Company

Door replacement can transform the entire look and feel of your home. Whether you are building a new house or renovating your cottage, start planning right away. Determine what options you are considering, then we can assist the process and determine exactly what you want to do with your space, including which type and style of doors can help realize your vision.

Centor Integrated DoorsAt Muskoka Window and Door Centre, we can help expand your view and living space with spectacular, large opening doors from trusted manufacturers. Being authorized dealers for several brands enables us to provide a wide choice of top quality products. Elegant, easy-to-operate and long lasting, these beautiful doors allow you to use your space just the way you imagined.

Choosing Door Replacements for Renovation or New Construction Projects

As a Muskoka Window and Door Centre customer, you will enjoy access to a variety of high-end products that provide seamless transition to the outdoors. We understand the importance of having beautiful and well manufactured Doors that perform reliably at your cottage or home, so we offer a dynamic set of options for you to consider.

  • Centor Integrated Door FunctionalityEnjoy unobstructed views with Centor doors
    With Centor integrated doors, both the technology and the view are amazing! Unlike traditional doors, Centor features a unique vanishing screen and shade that completely disappear into the frame for a clear view of the outdoors. This convenient feature also protects your door from insects and dirt while allowing you to filter out the sun and glare. We can help you decide which one will be the best fit for your home or cottage
  • Easily connect or divide spaces with bi-folding doors
    Bi-fold exterior doors open and close like magic to change your view, protect your privacy or expand your entertaining area. Whether you choose Centor, Western, or any other leading brand, we offer a wide range of sizes and dimensions to accommodate your unique requirements.
  • Create the perfect picture with Western windows and doors
    If you are looking to maximise your living space or expand your view, Western offers a full range of window and door systems to suit your architectural style. See the latest multi slide, pocketing-door and automated technology. High quality materials and construction provide you with energy efficiency and problem-free comfort for years to come.  We’re happy to visit your home or cottage to discuss your options.

To Protect Your Investment, Hire Muskoka’s No 1 Window and Door Company for Installation

Enjoy a 5-Year Warranty on Your New Doors

Bi folding DoorsQuality of workmanship impacts the operation and lifespan of your doors. Our manufacturer-trained door installers follow the highest quality standards. Extensive training and experience ensure correct fit and installation, minimizing common operational issues, protecting your manufacturer warranties and helping you optimize the lifespan of your doors.

Visit our large showroom in Muskoka to view the many door replacement options. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are available to discuss your new construction or renovation project as well as help to find the best product fit for your home or cottage.  After three decades in the window and door business, we’ve learned the importance of visiting our well displayed showroom to see how the various products look and operate. These visits often have a significant impact your decisions.  No question, an educated consumer is our best customer! You’ll find your time in our showroom very well invested.

In addition to our excellent products, Expert Installation and exceptional service, you will also enjoy a unique 5-year warranty on labor, and up to a 20 year warrantee on your new doors.

Consult us for attractive door replacements that will enhance the style, view and functionality of your home or cottage.

Give the experts at Muskoka Window and Door Centre a call today. T: 705.645.3057 | Toll Free: 800.461.5495.

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Posted On September 25, 2016