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Andersen E-Series Windows And Doors – Our Best Seller

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Andersen E-series windows and doors offer you the unique opportunity to create the home of your dreams. The biggest variety of options in interior and exterior colours,

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Muskoka Traditions And Seasonal Activities

In any country or community, there are Christmas and seasonal holiday traditions and activities that make December special.  In Muskoka, we are blessed with a climate and topography that contribute, to

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The Virtual Tour Is Live – Visit Our Showroom Of Specialized Windows And Doors

Attractive Vinyl Window Designs, Trusted Manufacturers, Competitive Prices

Looking for a variety of exciting windows and doors for your Cottage or Home?  Our on-line virtual tour provides an amazing glimpse into


Meet The Owners Of Muskoka Window And Door Centre

Jeff Hodges

Father of two, Grandfather of five
Born in Chatham, Ontario
After previously managing 2 business’, Jeff moved from the GTA to Muskoka.