The Art Of Windows

Building new, replacing or remodeling? We’ll help you create and distinguish your cottage or home’s key elemental designs, whether it be a bold signature statement, custom picture windows or delicate accents. The results will be designed for viewing, energy efficient, and constructed to endure our toughest Canadian climate changes.

Plan Your Project

Style & Function


Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom. They catch breeze from the left or right and are often used above, below or alongside stationary windows. They are an excellent choice for above the kitchen counter or sink.

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Bow and Bay

Bow and Bay windows are window combinations that project outward from a home. These dramatic combinations can add space, volume and light to a room and add more personality to any home or cottage.

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Casement windows are side hinged windows that open with a turn of a crank. They open outward to the left or right. Casements give you flexibility to group together in stunning combinations.

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Single and Double Hung windows feature two sash that have either one (single hung) or two (double hung) vertically sliding sash in a single frame. Both units lift open while remaining flush with the wall, making them ideal around patios, decks and walkways.

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Gliding windows feature two sash, with at least one of the sash sliding horizontally past the other. They give you the advantages of the double hung windows with a more contemporary look.

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Picture or stationary windows do not open and are commonly used in combination with opening windows. These units will maximize your view in the key areas of your home or cottage. Picture windows are available in many shapes and sizes to accommodate your design needs.

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Shaped window are often the focal point for dramatic entrances, dormers and living room elevations alike.

These curved and angled accents can bring real character and valuable natural lighting into your living spaces to maximize views and ventilation.

Ask our team how we can put that extra something special into your plans with more shapely windows.

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Bi-Folding windows are designed to enhance your indoor-outdoor living experience. Engineered to fold away and stack against side walls, these windows are popular amongst architects and homeowners for their ability to dramatically expand livable areas.

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Tilt and Turn

Tilt and Turn windows come from European roots, the Synergy Tilt and Turn window is truly dual-functioning; swing it in like a door or tilt the top of the sash into your room for ventilation. One handle controls both operations. Available in aluminum clad or all wood construction.

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Multi-Slide windows are the epitome of design and functionality. While in the closed position they are aesthetically pleasing with their narrow sight lines and enormous expanses of glass. You will love the bold vertical lines and how they disappear behind one another in the stacking function, or how they disappear completely into the wall pocketing option.

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Window Construction

All Vinyl

Maintenance free all vinyl windows offer solid construction, multi-chamber design and a great variety of design possibilities. Vinyl windows are available for both renovation and new construction projects and can be easily customized with a variety of exterior brickmoulds and interior jamb extensions.

In addition, a wide selection of factory painted exterior colours will suit any decorating scheme – even custom colours are available! With an interior and exterior of durable, virtually maintenance free vinyl, these windows will provide years of trouble-free performance. Combined with the right glass for your specific needs, we can help reduce your heating and cooling expenses. Grilles, simulated divided lights, and even interior vinyl shutters are just some of the options available to help you design the perfect vinyl window for your project.

The latest innovations in triple glazing (three layers of glass) provide unequalled thermal performance. Combined with some of the most advanced LowE coatings, centre of glass R-Values can reach an astounding R9! Talk to us about the level of energy efficiency best suited for your needs and budget.

Muskoka Window and Door Centre can supply and install Ostaco windows and Dashwood windows.

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Vinyl Clad Wood

Vinyl clad wood windows combine the durability of a vinyl exterior with the beauty of a natural wood interior. The vinyl exterior, in addition to providing a low maintenance barrier against the elements, gives you the flexibility of numerous colours and the full spectrum of window styles. Whether your plans call for casement or double hung windows, side sliders or custom shapes, a vinyl clad wood window can be the perfect choice. Numerous options including divided light, a broad selection of hardware finishes and energy efficient glazing let you select the windows and doors right for your project. Muskoka Window and Door Centre supplies and installs Andersen windows

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Aluminum Clad Wood

Maintenance free aluminum exteriors provide endless design and colour options. Combine this with the beauty of a wood interior in a variety of species and factory finishes, and you have almost endless design flexibility. Our aluminum cladding utilizes only extrusions, not the lighter weight roll-formed aluminum that some manufacturers use. This results in consistently solid product, with tight, weather-proof joints and construction guaranteed to provide you with years of peace of mind. The unbeaten variety of trim and glazing options ensures your windows will be just what you need for your special project. Muskoka Window and Door Centre supplies and installs Eagle Aluminum Clad Wood windows and also Synergy Aluminum Clad Wood windows.

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Fibreglass Composite

Fibreglass / Composite Andersen 100 Series windows and doors provide uncommon value, combining time-tested performance with long-lasting beauty. Our 100 Series products are made with our revolutionary Fibrex composite material. Fibrex is twice as strong as vinyl available in deep rich colours that dramatically enhance any project. In addition, Fibrex is environmentally responsible and energy efficient, making 100 Series products a winning choice for anyone considering an alternative to all vinyl windows and doors.

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Hybrid windows use a combination of materials to optimize the overall performance and value of a window or door. Andersen has included this into their design models for windows and doors for decades. Simply put Andersen uses the best materials for the best application. Other quality manufacturers like Ostaco have included real wood clad interior and foam filled chambers on their energy efficient Enersense casement line. COMING SOON Ostaco will be launching their new aluminum clad exterior on their vinyl window platform (4th quarter 2015).

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Architectural Aluminum

Typically used in the retail and commercial markets, architectural aluminum products can also provide distinctive window and door solutions for residential use. Aluminum windows, entrances and curtain walls are produced in a wide variety of finishes and glazing options. Preferred for the durability of an anodized aluminum finish, many choices are available. These products are durable, commercial grade windows and doors designed to endure the reality of a demanding industrial/commercial environment. Although they may not be tested to Canadian residential standards, in certain applications they provide a one of a kind solution. Wide open views with floor to ceiling glass are a specialty! Muskoka Window and Door Centre supplies and installs Windspec Architectural Aluminum Windows, and Western Window Systems.

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Solid Wood

All wood windows offer warmth and character that some believe are unmatched by any other material. Create almost any configuration of windows in a wide selection of wood species. Custom wood windows can replicate historic details and with a variety of grille, divided light and trim options, you can have just the look that’s right. Factory finishes with stain or paint reduce the finishing work required to complete your project. Muskoka Window and Door Centre supplies and installs Camwood windows and Synergy Manuafacturing Inc. windows.

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Window Replacement

Replacement windows are any window that has the capability to custom size to match the size of windows you already have. This reduces the length of time to remove your old and install your new windows or doors, keeping cost as reasonable as possible. Here at Muskoka Window and Door Centre, most of our products are available in custom sizes. We offer different products to offer both new options and function to fit any budget.

Window Installation

Proper installation of your product is imperative to the longevity and performance of any window and door. Your contractor can follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions and still maintain
your warranty.

We are happy to work with your builders to aid them in maintaining their demanding building schedules by providing a new construction basic installation. This basic installation included properly securing, insulating and carefully tying your windows and doors into the exterior envelope of your building.

We are on the industry’s leading edge of best practices by initiating our Advanced Flashing System that exceeds any local building code requirements for water barrier protection.

Muskoka Window and Door Centre employees are window and door professionals who specialize in window and door replacement, renovation and new construction installation. With the combined experience of our 27 years in business and the skill set of our staff, we are proud to offer a 5 year workmanship and materials warranty on any of our installations.

Ronald Berry of Simcoe Condo Corporation writes:

“I would like to extend our appreciation and satisfaction of the Warranty work your company recently completed on all the windows of our complex. It was very refreshing to experience a company that actually stands behind its workmanship and honors the attending Warranty. We heartily agree with your motto.”

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