Easily Connect or Divide Living Spaces with Centor Bi-folding Doors

Expert Installation Services for Your Home or Cottage


Seamlessly blend outdoor and indoor areas in your home or cottage with Centor bi-folding doors. Whether you want to enjoy an unobstructed view of Mother Nature or expand your living area for entertaining guests, Centor’s simple press-button technology allows you to use your space just the way you want. Unique vertical and horizontal adjustment abilities solve any alignment issues for smooth operation even in imperfect conditions.

Centor’s industry-leading bi-folding doors incorporate superior quality materials and technology for lasting service. Property owners choose them for their aesthetics, strength and problem-free operation. You will enjoy your investment for years to come.  Experience the convenience of bi-folding doors that open and close like magic!

As official suppliers of this trusted brand, Muskoka Window and Door Centre offers a wide range of sizes and dimensions to accommodate your unique requirements. You can also rely on us for expert installation to prevent any operational issues in the future.

Benefits of Centor Bi-folding Doors

Also known as bi-folds, these exterior doors can change your view, protect your privacy or expand your entertaining area in an instant. Learn the many advantages of installing Centor bi-folding doors in your cottage or home.

  • Design freedom – Centor bi-folding doors are available in a variety of configurations and materials for aesthetics, function and energy-efficiency
  • Enjoy an unobstructed view, natural light and fresh air – there are no posts or fixed panels to block your view or obstruct the breeze
  • Protection from the glare and insects – With a conveniently integrated screen and blinds
  • Solid warranty – Centor bi-folding doors provide reliable service for longer than their specified 10-year warranty
  • Superior strength and corrosion resistance – Made possible by high-quality materials and design
  • Superior technology – These bi-folds stack easily to the side at the press of a button
  • Advanced weather sealing technology – For advanced wind and water resistance as well as energy efficiency and noise abatement
  • Enhanced security – Robust materials and hardware ensure your bi-folding door cannot be lifted off the track and provide a secure locking system

Need help with material choice or sizing of your Centor bi-folds? We are happy to help with your selection.

5-Year Warranty on Centor Bi-folding Doors Installed by Our Experts

At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, our customers enjoy a full range of high quality products by trusted manufacturers. Our installation expertise prevents common operational issues. A unique 5-year warranty on new installations further demonstrates our workmanship quality and delivers total peace of mind.

Experience the difference that personalized attention and skilled workmanship will make to the performance and lifespan of your Centor bi-folding doors.

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