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To fully enjoy the beauty of nature in your cottage or home, choose Centor integrated doors. Unlike the traditional door, Centor features a unique vanishing screen and shade that completely disappears into the door frame for an unobstructed view of the outdoors. This feature also keeps the door protected from insects and dirt while allowing you to filter out the sun and glare when you are sleeping or watching a movie. The technology and view are both truly amazing!

Centor doors are backed by over 60 years of lasting quality and performance. The patented integrated door systems are an engineering marvel that has revolutionized the industry. No longer do you have to deal with visual clutter. Plus, the high quality door hardware makes operation a breeze.

As an official supplier, Muskoka Window and Door Centre offers you the full range of Centor doors. We can help you select the right one and make the most of your view.

Highlights of Centor Doors

  • Stunning designs: Made from top quality materials using expert craftsmanship, these doors are beautiful from the inside out. Available in a variety of door styles, you can choose from folding, double-swing or single doors (sliding door coming soon) to create the perfect opening for your cottage or home. You can also select the hardware for your door from a range of styles.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Slim, symmetrical panels and hardware remain hidden from sight. Plus, integrated screens and shades are free of pleats, joins or folds for the simplest, clear opening.
  • Fingertip performance: Patent-pending door hardware makes for easy operation. Allow light in or create complete darkness, it’s entirely up to you.
    • The ground-breaking AutoLatch™ on Centor’s folding and double-swing doors lets you close and latch even the tallest doors with a single hand movement
    • Child-friendly screens and shades operate beautifully from any height
    • Screens open with the press of a fingertip, and stay open in any position allowing easy transitions from inside to outdoor entertaining while carrying food and drinks
  • Energy efficient: Thermally improved aluminum construction reduces condensation and energy consumption.  Solid wood lining on the inside of the door adds further thermal insulation while the integrated shade acts like another layer of glazing to help retain warm or cool air inside your cottage or home.

Finding it hard to decide which Centor door will best suit your cottage or home? Let us help you make the right choice!

Get Your Centor Doors and Windows Installed by Approved Professionals

At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, every customer and project receives detailed attention. We are with you every step of the way, from reviewing the full range of Centor products to selecting stylish door hardware and ensuring proper installation.

Our installers have years of training and experience. You can count on us to do a perfect job. Our 5-year workmanship warranty further assures you of excellent quality.

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