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For an unobstructed view of your beautiful surroundings and insect free entertaining, install Phantom executive screens on your doors and windows or porch and patio enclosures. Unlike the traditional fixed type, they completely roll away to seamlessly expand your living space into the outdoors. When you want to enjoy privacy or protection from the glare and pesky insects, simply press a button for the screen cover to roll down.

Made from high quality materials, Phantom roll screens are backed by more than 20 years of quality and performance. Attractive designs blend seamlessly into your décor while advanced engineering ensures easy and convenient operation. You can make the most of your view as well as take advantage of the screen protection.

As an official supplier, Muskoka Window and Door Centre offers you the full range of Phantom screens to choose from. We can help you pick the right options for your cottage or home.

10 Advantages of Phantom Executive Screens

  • Can be installed anywhere – on large porch and patio enclosures as well as doors and windows in your living room and kitchen, or even your bathroom
  • Fits virtually all types of doors and windows with openings as large as 25’ wide and 16’ tall; two units may be used for extra-large spaces
  • Recessed or surface mounted as per your requirements
  • Retracts completely so that you can enjoy the outside view in all seasons
  • Unique retention technology prevents your window mesh being blown out of the tracks in light breezy conditions
  • Select a variety of signature colours and mesh type to suit your specific décor
  • Roll control options to regulate the speed at which the screens open and close
  • Let in more fresh air by allowing you to leave your doors and windows open longer
  • Offers advanced protection from the glare, insects and curious eyes
  • Bring the beauty of nature indoors at the press of a button

Not sure which type of Phantom screens will work best in your cottage or home? Let us help you make the best choice.

Problem-Free Operation – Let Our Experts Install Your Phantom Screens

At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, our professional installers ensure proper fit and installation of your Phantom screens. Our extensive training and experience with both new installations and replacements ensures years of problem-free operation.  You can count on us to do a perfect job. Detailed attention to every project accounts for our high customer satisfaction rates.

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