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Excite the senses. Introduce your cottage or home with dramatic architecture, and unique functionality. Choose a simple or grand entrance. Gain entry to decks with innovative options of style and substance such as over-sized lift and slide doors, and multi-panel bi-folding doors. Expand and open your indoor living space with custom openings that dazzle. Durable, sustainable products that stand the test time.

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Style & Function


Hinged doors are double or single doors that have the option of swinging towards the interior or exterior of your home. Hinged doors can be complemented with fixed side lights on either or both sides depending on the required opening size. Depending on the product line and /or the
manufacturer you choose, there are many different panel styles, hardware and screen options to
choose from.

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Gliding doors provide access and ventilation without a door panel swinging into your valuable space. The door panels glide along a raised track within the thickness of your wall. Available in two to four panels to accommodate up to 16’ wide and soon 10’ tall depending on what product you choose. Narrow sight lines are well known in this type of unity, but French doors styles with beautiful wood interiors are also available. Your salesperson is here to navigate you through the options that best suit your project and budget.

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Bi-Folding doors are designed to enhance your indoor-outdoor living experience. Engineered to
fold away and stack against side walls, these doors are popular amongst architects and
homeowners for their ability to dramatically expand livable areas.

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Lift and Slide

Lift and Slide doors are sliding doors that can slide very large panels with a highly engineered European system that actually lifts the panels for moving and settles the panel down for an optimum weather seal. These doors can handle very large openings with the least number of panels possible. Synergy also has the options to have these doors disappear into wall pockets when fully opened.

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Tilt and Turn

Tilt and Turn doors from Synergy use that tried and true hardware from Germany that provides their doors both an inswing function and a tilt in at the top for truly discerning tastes. Built right here in Ontario this European style is just as functional here with exterior screens. The Tilt and Turn doors are available in any wood of your choosing and with the low maintenance advantage of aluminum cladding.

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Multi-Slide doors can use many panels to cover the extremely large openings of any design. With a virtually unlimited number of panels available and the largest sizes in the industry these Western Door Systems can be used in any contemporary or rustic design to remove the barrier between inside comfort and outdoor living. Expansive flat wall openings and 90 degree corner units that seem to defy gravity are trademarks of the possibilities multi-slide doors can inspire in your project.

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Centor has designed the world’s first integrated door system with an integrated screen and blind option that provides true inside-outside living without compromise. Centor Integrated Doors feature smooth operation and clean lines delivered by their hidden hardware to accommodate your undistracted view. These robust systems will provide your family with generous sized openings and protection from insects and the sun when needed.

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Western Window Systems has been creating beautiful all-aluminum, bi-folding, pivoting and multi-slide doors for over 50 years. Western is driven by the unifying vision that they exist as a company to create products that not only enhance the value of a home or property, but also the quality of the life they promote. Large sized units with minimal maintenance adds to value and beauty of any seasonal project.

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Synergy Manufacturing is a premier fabricator of made-to-order windows and doors.  With state of the art manufacturing facilities, a product testing lab on site and dedicated engineering personnel, Synergy is driven to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our commitment to engineering facilitates the exceptional design capability we provide.

At Synergy we offer a unique combination of knowledge, design proficiency, consistent manufacturing lead times together with outstanding customer service.

Synergy windows and doors are available all wood or clad with wood interiors.  In addition to extruded aluminum, we offer a range of “modern metals” windows and doors. Whatever the application, Synergy can manufacture precisely what you need.

From inception to completion; innovative solutions for your project.

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Door Construction

Smooth Fiberglass

Entry doors are manufactured in a variety of materials, but smooth fibreglass doors have become one of the most popular choices for smart homeowners and contractors alike. The insulating and low maintenance benefits of fibreglass doors makes them an easy choice when building new or renovating. The durable fibreglass skin resists dings and dents unlike any steel door can – particularly important in high traffic areas subject to constant use and abuse! The engineered wood edges and lock block reinforcement give a solid base for a high performance product guaranteed to give you years to trouble free protection from the elements and, combined with the right hardware, security against forced entry.

You can often enhance the look and appeal of your entry door with sidelights or a transom.
Imagine the possibilities of decorative glass in a seemingly endless variety of colours and
designs. If you have a difficult time deciding what’s best for you, visit our showroom, where one of
our door specialists will be happy to make recommendations to suit your budget. We’ll
help you find a door that says, “welcome” to your family and friends. Click the links below to view:

Ostaco | Dashwood

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Wood Grain Fibreglass

Imagine the texture and detail of a wood door in a low maintenance, extremely durable fibreglass replica. That’s what woodgrain fibreglass doors are all about. These doors have the look and feel of a real wood door but they resist splitting, cracking and rotting, a potential problem with real wood. Available in oak, mahogany, rustic and Craftsman styles, with a variety of decorative glass inserts, there is sure to be the perfect choice for your project. Click the links below to view:

Ostaco | Dashwood

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Aluminum Clad Wood

Mother Nature can be pretty tough! Consider the ravages of typical Muskoka winters combined with pounding of the intense summer sun. Aluminum clad wood doors give you the beauty of a variety of wood species but on the interior only. The exterior is clad with a tough, weather resistant aluminum cladding. Available in a broad range of colours – we can even match your windows, these doors offer a variety of glass options including divided lights to give that classic colonial look. In addition, many brick mould and trim options, in the same durable extruded aluminum, will help simplify the installation process and add architectural detail.
E-SERIES/Eagle | Andersen | Centor | Synergy Manufacturing Inc.

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Residential Commercial Aluminum

Commercial entry doors are designed to take constant use and still retain their appearance and operating performance. In a residential environment they can provide exciting architectural detail and can provide more glass area than any other typical entry door. Anodized finishes are the choice of architects and designers and give a durable, maintenance free finish. Painted finishes as well as a variety of glazing options, offer the flexibility to design the ideal finishing touch for your project.

Western Window Systems | Windspec

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Commercial Steel

Manufactured with rust resistant galvanized steel, door and frames are constructed to meet the most rigid architectural demands for commercial and industrial applications.
Various designs such as honeycomb core, insulated, steel stiffened and steel stiffened
with welded seams, can be customized to suite the architectural demands of your project.
These designs can offer security and flexibility in the most adverse conditions. Various
glazing options are also available to suite your design requirements

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Solid Wood

Nothing beats the warmth, classic feel and architectural interest of an all wood door. Unlike steel and fibreglass doors, wood can be easily customized and is available in an almost endless variety of species and designs. Nature provides a bounty of colour, grain and texture in wood products that will provide you with the finest entranceway that nature can build. An attractive option to the standard all wood door is the engineered wood door. This utilizes the benefits of a laminated wood core with a veneer exterior to reduce the risk of warping and splitting. As with any wood product, weather and exposure play an important role in determining the right product for your project. The door experts at Muskoka Window and Door Centre will work with you to ensure the door you want will give you many years of trouble-free performance.

Synergy Manufacturing Inc. | Andersen Architectural | Camwood | Synergy Manufacturing Inc.

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Door Replacement

Replacement Doors are any standard size doors, or those that have the capability to custom size
or match the size of door you already have. Proper sizing reduces the length of time to remove
your existing doors or windows and install new products, keeping your investment within the
scope of your plans. At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, we offer several product lines that
deliver many new options and functions to fit any budget.


Proper installation of your product is imperative to the longevity and performance of any window and door. Your contractor can follow the manufacturers’ installation instructions and still maintain your warranty.

We are happy to work with your builders to aid them in maintaining their demanding building schedules by providing a new construction basic installation. This basic installation includes properly securing, insulating and carefully tying your windows and doors into the exterior envelope of your building.

We are on the industry’s leading edge of best practices by initiating our Advanced Flashing
System that exceeds any local building code requirements for water barrier protection. Muskoka
Window and Door Centre employees are window and door professionals who specialize in
window and door replacement, renovation and new construction installation.

Muskoka Window and Door offers window and door professional employees who specialize in window and door replacement, renovation and new construction installation. With the combined experience of over 27 years in business and the skill set of our staff, we are proud to offer a 5 year workmanship and materials warranty on any of our installations.

Nancy Brodie writes:

“We really appreciate the attention for the fine detail you gave our project.”

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