MasterGrain door products are the latest addition to the already impressive showroom at Muskoka Window & Door Centre. The company was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing the highest quality Canadian made fiberglass door products in all of North America. MasterGrain manufactures premium wood grain fiberglass doors that offer the natural elegance of wood doors, without the maintenance or lack of durability.

These impressive doors are the perfect way for Muskoka cottage owners to make a statement with their entryway. MasterGrain doors put style and engineering first, giving homeowners a beautiful, smooth-operating door that will last for years to come. MasterGrain doors are available in six collections, all of which feature their own unique styles and wood grains.

MasterGrain’s unique NVD technology

Innovative products demand innovative technology. For MasterGrain, NVD is that innovative technology, making them the envy of the door industry. The company takes pride in the intricate details put into every door they manufacture, using their specialized NVD process that seamlessly combines wood and fiberglass into one sophisticated package.

NVD technology is used in each and every one of MasterGrain’s doors, constructing a real wood door and using their unique technology to meticulously transfer its fine grain detail onto fiberglass panels. Once the process has been completed, your guests will be left in disbelief that it isn’t real wood. Learn more about the innovative technology used by MasterGrain.

A wide assortment of styles perfect for any Muskoka cottage owner

Being able to choose a door that matches the style and aesthetic of your cottage or home is important, especially for those looking to make a statement with their entryway. MasterGrain makes that a possibility for anybody, offering six unique collections that can satisfy any style need.

The Rustic Collection perfectly captures that “house in the woods” aesthetic that appears in cottages and cabins across the country. These gorgeous Rustic doors feature soft curves or planks that give off an unmatched warmth to visitors. Rustic doors are available in both cherry and knotty alder wood grains.

For those aiming for a more elegant look, the Classic Collection is the answer. MasterGrain’s Classic line combines sophisticated nineteenth-century inspired design featuring crafted panels and glass inserts with industry-leading technology for a door that will never look out of place or out of style.

There’s an unmistakable beauty in simplicity. MasterGrain’s Craftsman Collection offers a gorgeous, yet simple, style that uses square and rectangle shapes to their fullest potential. The Craftsman Collection is available in fir wood grains and a wide variety of unique styles.

Understated modern styles are some of the most popular in cottage country, making MasterGrain’s Contemporary Collection perfect for Muskoka cottagers. The Contemporary line uses clean, clear lines and direct set glass to create gorgeous minimal designs that you can take pride in. These modern doors are available in cherry and fir wood grains, with a variety of design options available.

Cottage owners who are looking for a clean, contemporary door without wood grain are in luck – the MasterGrain Contemporary EDGE Collection offers the same minimal modern designs with bold colour choices so you can make a statement with your entryway.

Finally, the unique Simulated Divided Lites Collection gives cottage owners a way to brighten up their entrance ways with custom configurations that can perfectly represent your property. The SDL line features three distinct styles – colonial, shapes, and craftsman, with cherry, oak, mahogany, and other wood grains available.

Muskoka Window & Door Centre is a premier dealer of all MasterGrain door products, with our experienced team members having gained hands-on experience installing MasterGrain doors to offer you a seamless installation process. To find out more about the services offered by the experienced team at Muskoka Window & Door Centre, contact us today.