Since the emergence of COVID-19 in Canada, communities around the country have worked tirelessly to support small businesses and not-for-profit organizations like food banks and local charities through monetary donations, volunteering, and other means of support. As we quickly approach the one-year mark of the pandemic, it’s important to remember that without your support, these organizations can’t possibly continue to serve those who rely on them for essential services.

With your support, local charities and not-for-profit organizations can survive the duration of the pandemic and continue operating in a post-COVID world. The team at Muskoka Window & Door Centre is proud to have been able to lend support to a number of the region’s most important services and has been consistently impressed with the incredible support from our communities as a whole – the people of Muskoka have risen to the occasion to help those in need many times throughout the last year.

Hospice Muskoka – Providing essential end-of-life services for the people of Muskoka
We’re calling on you once again to support a local not-for-profit organization in need of your help. Hospice Muskoka has recently launched the Joy of Pets Photo Contest, offering you a great way to show off what makes your pet(s) so special while at the same time helping to provide comfort, joy, and companionship to those facing end-of-life and bereavement challenges.

Since 1995, Hospice Muskoka has been providing essential services to people throughout the region, caring for those with life-threatening illnesses and palliative prognoses, ensuring end-of-life comfort, and working with families to provide ongoing grief and caregiver support. The organization is volunteer-based and provides care to Muskokans of all ages and backgrounds. Many of Hospice Muskoka’s volunteers have been specially trained, allowing them to provide social, physical, spiritual, and emotional support in the hospital, nursing and retirement homes, and even in your own home.

Muskoka Window & Door Centre is proud to have been a community supporter of Hospice Muskoka since 2005. Our team has supported the Hospice Muskoka Annual Butterfly Release since it’s inception over 5 years ago. Become a supporter of Hospice Muskoka today by making a donation.