There’s nothing quite like a home bathed in natural sunlight, especially on a bright, cheerful sunny day – it warms up your home and creates a more inviting atmosphere that makes spending time indoors much more enjoyable. 

The ability of natural sunlight to transform any home has made large windows and doors incredibly popular in recent years, and it’s a trend we don’t see slowing down anytime soon. Thanks to major advancements in technology, large windows and doors don’t mean sacrificing efficiency or performance, allowing homeowners to enjoy plenty of natural light without paying higher utility bills.

The growing popularity of large windows
Home and cottage owners everywhere are opting for bigger windows that complement the landscape and let in plenty of natural daylight. No longer are grand windows seen as unrealistic for homeowners – thanks to manufacturers like BigfootAndersen, and Centor, installing large high performance windows in your home or cottage is more realistic than ever before. 

The enjoyment of natural sunlight means that homeowners have become more open to installing large windows in all areas of the house, from the living room and the kitchen to stairwells, offices and bedrooms. With large windows throughout the house, you can be bathed in sunlight no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Large windows don’t mean having to sacrifice window performance
The rise in consumer demand for larger window styles has directly followed major advancements in window and door technologies, which have allowed manufacturers to engineer high performance windows regardless of size. For too long, upgrading to bigger windows meant an inevitable loss of energy efficiency and a rise in utility bills – thankfully, this is no longer the case.

Materials like vinyl, fibreglass, and fibre-polymer are extremely popular thanks to their ability to minimize energy loss, even at larger sizes. Window operation has continued to evolve alongside performance, meaning that large, heavy windows are still easy to open and operate without sacrificing your scenic view. Triple-glazed window panels are another reason for the popularity of large windows – these high performance windows eliminate air pockets below your windows, keeping warm air in your home during the winter months, and cool air inside throughout the summer.

Plenty of for enhanced privacy and security
Apart from performance, one of the biggest concerns about large windows is that they’ll have less privacy and compromised security – this just isn’t the case. If you’re looking to install large windows in your cottage, you can choose products like Phantom Executive Screens or Pentagon rolling security shutters to enhance your security and ensure that opportunists will be kept away when you’re not at the cottage. 

Window treatments, too, offer an excellent opportunity to maintain your privacy while enhancing the beauty of your windows. From gorgeous full-length curtains to horizontal and vertical blinds, window treatments will ensure that you control your own privacy year round, and that you can let in the sunshine and scenic views whenever you desire.

Muskoka Window & Door Centre has a full team of window and door installation experts with years of experience installing large windows and doors to help you let in plenty of natural sunlight and enhance your view of the beautiful Muskoka surrounding. Our showroom features a wide range of large energy efficient windows and doors that are perfect for your home or cottage. To get started on your upcoming window installation project, contact Muskoka Window & Door Centre today.