The federal government launched the Canada Greener Homes Grant in May 2021, giving homeowners throughout the country the opportunity to make their home more energy efficient and receive a grant to cover up to $5,600 of the cost. This announcement comes following nearly a year of record demand for home improvement and maintenance projects, and saw over 30,000 applications within just the first week of its launch. If you’re a homeowner looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency in a more affordable way, your future home upgrades might be eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

**About the Canada Greener Homes Grant
**Thousands of homeowners around Canada were ecstatic after the announcement of the Canada Greener Homes Grant, making it easier and more affordable to explore energy efficient home upgrades. The initiative will provide up to 700,000 grants, EnerGuide evaluations and expert advice, as well as recruitment and training of new EnerGuide advisors to help meet the growing demand and create jobs. The Grant provides up to $5,600 per household for eligible upgrades.

Before qualifying, homeowners are required to undergo an energy audit which is paid out of pocket. After the energy audit is conducted, homeowners can find out which energy efficient upgrades their home requires and which ones may qualify for the grant. For example, if you want to replace your windows and doors with energy efficient models, this upgrade needs to be recommended after the energy audit.

Not all projects will qualify for the full $5,600 grant, making it important for homeowners to carefully consider which project they embark on. Prior to receiving the grant, the upgrades performed must first be certified, with the government reimbursing homeowners within a month of the upgrades.

**Who is eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant?
**In order to qualify for the grant, homeowners must actually be able to prove that they live in the house – no landlord living off site is eligible. Qualifying homes must not be new, and must be single or semi-detached, row houses, townhomes, all-season cottages, or select types of houseboats and mobile homes. While the majority of condos aren’t eligible for the grant, those in low-rise condo buildings can qualify. First Nation band councils, Indigenous housing management bodies and land claims organizations are also eligible to apply for the Greener Homes Grant.

**Which projects are eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant?
**Not all energy efficient upgrades qualify for the grant – only those approved by Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) are eligible. These upgrades include insulation, air-sealing, door and window replacements, the installation of heat pumps, hot water equipment and solar panels, resiliency measures including house foundation waterproofing, batteries and roofing membranes, and installing smart thermostats, though this must be combined with other retrofits in order to qualify. In order to remain eligible, all materials and equipment must be purchased in Canada or from a Canadian distributor.

With the Canada Greener Homes Grant having stirred up so much buzz, it’s expected that consumer demand for home improvement and renovations projects is about to surge once again. If you were planning to perform one of the eligible upgrades in the next couple years, now might be the time to rethink your timetable in order to save some money.

The grant likely won’t cover the entire project, but it’ll certainly make home improvement projects a far more attractive proposal. While the grant is poised to be around for the next seven years, the Greener Homes Grant will only be going to 700,000 homeowners, so it’s critical that you submit your application as soon as you’re ready. Grants aren’t dispatched until after energy audits and upgrades are performed, so time is of the essence.

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