The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has impacted the way we celebrate the holidays and how we are able to enjoy all of the winter activities Muskoka has to offer. However, while winter fun may be different this year, that isn’t to say there is a shortage of things to do. In fact, Muskoka is home to a number of lots of winter outdoor fun.

Skate the ice trail at Arrowhead Provincial Park Among the most popular winter activities in Muskoka is the ice skating trail in Arrowhead Provincial Park. This 1.3 kilometre trail offers an experience unmatched in the region. The trail will open in January, with skating available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily, with a 90-minute window for maintenance from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.

If possible, it is recommended to visit midweek or on Sundays, with Saturdays especially busy. In some instances, vehicles have been turned away or with long wait times. While capacities will be reduced as a result of the lockdown, a positive side effect will be more room on the path and better conditions for skating!

For the latest updates on hours, see Arrowhead’s Twitter feed.

Snowshoeing at Deerhurst and other trails Within Deerhurst Resort are a number of picturesque trails to snowshoe, the Starlight, Lookout, and Sanctuary Trails. During the day, the trails provide fantastic views of both the resort and Peninsula Lake. At night, the Starlight Trail lights up from 5:00-11:-00 pm offering a serene winter experience.

Beyond Deerhurst Resort, there are several more public and private snowshoeing options available. Arrowhead & Algonquin Provincial Parks, Gravenhurst Muskoka KOA Campground, and Echo Valley Nature & Bike Trails are all ready to be explored by snowshoe during the winter!

Cross-Country Skiing at Algonquin and Arrowhead Within Muskoka are Algonquin Park and Arrowhead Park, both of which are home to a vast collection of natural ski trails. Before heading out, make sure to check the latest information on the Algonquin Park website for permits, road conditions, parking, and more. These trails are perfect, vast playgrounds for the experienced.

For beginners and families, one of the many trails at a Muskoka resort is a superb option. With no shortage of options, you can find the right location and trail for you, with Bayview Wildwood Resort, Cedar Grove Lodge, Bondi Village Cottage Resort, and Sherwood Inn all in proximity. Trails in Deerhurst Resort, meanwhile, are maintained daily to provide a great place for beginners and experienced skiers alike to enjoy a day in the snow.

Fat Biking at Deerhurst Whether you are trying to get in some winter exercise or explore snowy conditions, fat biking is a great choice. Equipped with wide, 4-5 inch tires, and low pressure, fat bikes float across surfaces that would otherwise sink them, such as snow, making it the perfect vehicle to explore with during winter. Deerhurst Resort offers fat bike rentals to explore all the trails they offer, for just $20 per bike. For avid cyclists or weekend explorers, fat biking is a must-try experience. As you can see, though social distancing has impacted the way all parts of life, it hasn’t taken away from the picturesque beauty of Muskoka or the endless options available to explore. This winter in Muskoka, try something new such as fat biking or something classic like the ice trail to get out of the house and enjoy everything the season has to offer.