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Looking for a variety of exciting windows and doors for your Cottage or Home?  Our on-line virtual tour provides an amazing glimpse into the various styles, materials, and functions of the key products we offer in our Muskoka showroom in Bracebridge, Ontario.  Once you’ve been able to browse around our site digitally, we highly recommend that you call us to discuss your plans, and visit our showroom to see, touch and operate the products first hand.

From our experience, while planning a renovation or new build, your ability to see our products close up, and experience the operating functions of the products is very important.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how new technology has impacted window functions and large door openings.  We have several options to demonstrate hidden screens and blinds that join your indoor lifestyle to refreshing outdoor elements. New electronic and digital security options for windows and doors have also become popular features to protect your investment.

By clicking around our showroom on the virtual tour with your mouse, arrow keys or touch screen, you’ll get an excellent idea of what you’ll be able to actually operate once in the showroom with us.

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Our helpful and professional showroom staff will help explore your options and answer all your questions. We then will help simplify the process by making recommendations that fit your architecture and style preferences.  Over the last 30 years, we have built our reputation on satisfied customers. Count on us to find the perfect windows and doors for your investment, and most importantly, the perfect installation for your new build or renovation project.

  • Access to a variety of Window and Door Manufacturers

Inside of Our Large Vinyl Window Showroom

As authorized suppliers of well-known manufacturers from around the Globe, you will enjoy easy access to a variety of specialized products: Andersen, Western, Ostaco, Dashwood, Centor, Synergy, Camwood, Euro Vinyl and more. This team of supplier partners translates into a variety of options financially. From substantial new cottage builds to smaller often isolated cabins, we understand that window and door budgets can vary dramatically.

As you browse around our virtual showroom on-line, you’ll be able to view many of these supplier / partner logos.

Our clients across Ontario’s cottage country are appreciative of our attention to detail and our professional approach to every step of the replacement, renovation, or new build process.  We’ll work with you directly, or in partnership with your builder and / or architect.

  • New Windows Save Energy

In today’s landscape of rising energy costs, we are very sensitive about our customer’s desire to reduce energy costs. Being a registered ENERGY STAR® Participant, we offer several options to save energy and ultimately enjoy a financial return on your window and door investment, long term.


Outstanding Supplier Warranties backed by our expert installation.

If you are considering replacing your windows, this is an excellent time to do so this winter, when the savings will be effective immediately. At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, we specialize in window and door replacement, renovation and new construction installation. Our craftsmen are renowned for custom fits and flawless installations which eliminate many common operational issues. Professional installations also optimize the life of your products and importantly, protects your warranties.

We are proud to offer a 5-year workmanship and materials warranty on any of our new installations. This assures you of our quality work and peace of mind.

Take a Virtual Tour Now! Then Contact us to discuss your plans, and we’ll offer you a quote in writing.

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