If the predictions are correct, we’re in for one cold and snowy winter. There’s nothing quite like getting warm and cozy inside your home on a blisteringly cold or unexpectedly snowy day. Unfortunately, staying warm and cozy can sometimes be a challenge, especially when drafts make themselves known.

One of the most affordable ways to keep the drafts out this coming winter season is through thermal curtains, which are designed to provide thermal resistance that reduces heat loss so you can stay warmer all winter long. What exactly are thermal curtains and how do they work? Here’s everything you need to know about thermal curtains.

What are thermal curtains and how do they work?

Thermal curtains are window treatments designed to reduce heat loss. They’re made up of several different layers (generally between 3-4) of materials which prevent thermal transmittance and provide thermal resistance.

The front of the curtains are very similar to your favourite window coverings, featuring aesthetically pleasing designs made from traditional fabrics. The middle layers of thermal curtains are made of thicker thermally resistant materials like felt, flannel or even foam to offer thermal resistance. The backing of thermal curtains generally protect the inner layers from sunlight, serve as a vapour barrier to protect against damage from condensation, and reflect heat and light through reflective or vinyl-based materials.

Now that you know how they work, you might be wondering whether thermal curtains actually work? The short answer is yes, thermal curtains work to reduce heat loss. They do so by creating dead air between your window and the rest of the room, reducing the amount of heat transfer when properly installed. Rather than transferring out of your windows, the heat generated in your home will be kept inside and circulated throughout the room.

Are thermal curtains easy to install?

If you’ve ever installed curtains in your home or any other kind of window treatment, you’ll know how quick and painless the process is. Installing thermal curtains is just like installing any traditional window covering. The trick is to ensure that the installation is done correctly so that the thermal curtains can perform the way they’re intended to.

In order to perform optimally, thermal curtains should be installed to be as air-tight as possible. Air-tightness will ensure that heat transfer is reduced, allowing them to perform as intended. In order to improve the air-tightness of thermal curtains, they should be installed as close to the window frame as possible, with the top, bottom and sides sealed properly using velcro or magnetic tape to secure it to the frame or walls. Thermal curtains work best when dropped all the way to the floor or to the windowsill, ensuring that heat does not escape underneath the curtains.

Do thermal curtains work during the summer?

Once they’ve been installed, you might be worried about whether you’ll have to tear them down year after year when the spring and summer come around. Thankfully, thermal curtains work well during the summertime too, especially light and medium coloured curtains with a reflective backing. These thermal curtains are designed to reduce heat gain by up to 33% by reflecting the sun away from your windows, keeping your home cooler and helping your air conditioner breathe a little easier on hot days.

Window treatments have come a long way, allowing homeowners to keep their homes warmer during the winter months and cooler in the summertime. While they certainly can’t replace the benefits of new triple pane windows, thermal curtains are great in a pinch and can mean the difference between a warm and cozy winter and a season full of blistering drafts. Remember to install thermal curtains properly to ensure that heat transfer is prevented, and to select the correct size for the windows in your home.

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