Drywall cracks at window and door corners can easily form over time, and are a common occurrence for Muskoka cottagers due to the extra stress from the elements and, where a cottage is used seasonally, temperature differences. 

Fortunately, most drywall damage is inexpensive to fix and can be remedied fairly quickly. All you need are some basic tools, the right materials, and a few tricks of the trade to repair any cracks in the drywall. 

Here is an easy three step process you can follow to fix unsightly cracks at your window and door corners. To get started, make sure you have all these items: 

  • Dust mask
  • Mud pan
  • Taping knife
  • Utility knife
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paper drywall tape
  • Pre-mixed joint compound
  • Setting type compound 

Step one: Cut out loose material

Before you can get to fixing the deep cracks in the drywall, you need to first remove everything that is loose. Cut a V-shaped notch using a utility knife through the full length of the crack ( ⅛ to ¼ inches) and get rid of all loose wall material. Be sure to protect the woodwork with masking tape. 

Step two: Embed drywall tape

Insert paper drywall tape in joint compound over the cracks using a taping knife. To avoid trapping air bubbles under the tape, make sure you moisten the tape with water first, then lay it over the drywall crack and squeeze out any excess compound and air from underneath with the blade. Here is a demo video you can watch.

Apply an additional thin layer of compound and smooth it out on both sides of the tape. Let it dry for 5-10 minutes.

Step three: Skim coat the wall

Apply a second coat of compound and then allow the repair to dry thoroughly. Once dry, sand it smooth with fine sandpaper (Make sure you do not expose the tape) and paint over the layers of compound. 

As your cottage or home settles, cracks may radiate from the corners of doors and windows. While cracks in the drywall are not unusual, it could be a warning sign of structural issues with the framing, foundation or moisture which can result in more costly damages to your home. 

When fixing drywall cracks, don’t forget to identify and recognize the causes to determine if they are serious in order to take appropriate corrective action.

Whether your walls are made of plaster or drywall, you can repair the cracks easily with a few steps. However, windows and doors are an important part of your home, and should be initially installed by professionals. Muskoka Window & Door Centre is the Muskoka region’s preferred supplier of high quality window and door products. Our expert team is ready to take on door and window installation projects of any size or scope. 

If you are trying to decide what to DIY and what to hire someone for, book us for your window or door installation to prevent future drywall cracks and other potential issues. 

To find out more about the products and installation services offered by the team at Muskoka Window & Door Centre, get in touch with us today.