The windows in your Muskoka home might give you a great view of the lake, but are they able to withstand the cottage country winds? Or keep the heat in during the long winters

Like everything else in your home, your windows deteriorate over time. You can extend their lifespan with regular maintenance, but there comes a point when it’s more cost-effective to replace them entirely. 

It’s not always easy to know when you’re at that stage however so we decided to ask the experts. Here are the 6 most common reasons why homeowners replace their windows, according to leading window manufacturer Andersen

6 Reasons to Replace Your Windows | Andersen Windows

  1. Fix damaged or rotted windows

Next time you’re doing a spring clean or a routine maintenance check, take a look at your window frames. If you’ve aging windows, this is usually the first place problems appear. And issues can happen any time – a long spell of rainy weather can be enough to swell your frames and make them crack or rot.

If your frames aren’t in good shape, your windows aren’t properly sealed. And that’s bad news for your energy bills. A sure sign that your seal isn’t secure is window fog – cloudy mist that builds up between panes. If you’re noticing fog and see obvious signs of frame damage, it’s time to think about new windows.

       2. Improve window operation

Property owners often procrastinate on repairs, learning to live with little annoyances like a window that sticks when you try to open it or a hinge that’s missing a part. 

But windows that are hard to operate aren’t just a nuisance, they’re a safety concern. In the event of a fire or other emergency, you need to be able to quickly and smoothly open all your windows, so installing new ones is a job you can’t afford to skip. 

       3. Help lower heating and cooling bills

If you can hear the wind howling through your windows, or feel the spray of the rain when sitting near them, it’s time for an upgrade.

Drafty and leaky windows are a year-round headache, letting in winter blizzards, spring rain, summer heat, and autumn winds. Upgrading to new panes and frames helps you maintain a consistent temperature indoors in any season, which keeps your property energy efficient – lowering utility bills and cutting costs.

       4. Make maintenance easier

Muskoka homeowners know there’s always something on their to-do list. If your property maintenance feels like a full-time job, why not switch to windows that don’t require as much time, effort or expense to stay in top shape?

For some cottages, this may mean switching from beautiful but delicate all wood frames to longer-lasting alternatives such as composite, vinyl, or aluminium. These don’t require painting or scraping and can be made to perfectly match your existing decor.

You can make your cleaning chores easier too, by switching to windows that are easier to access such as panes that tilt inwards or open wide.

       5. Improve views

From Gravenhurst’s scenic lookouts to the stunning sunsets over Georgian Bay, the most popular Muskoka real estate boasts the best views.

Your windows should help you make the most of the spectacular cottage country scenery, showcasing those gorgeous views while inviting lots of natural light into your space. Replacing your existing windows with larger panes and/or lighter frames can be a great opportunity to freshen up your home and create an airy and open atmosphere.

       6. Boost curb appeal

Your home is one of the biggest and most important investments you’ll ever make, so it deserves to look its best. That doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on renovations, however, simply sprucing up your windows can transform the look of your property. 

These prominent features are often the first thing visitors and potential buyers notice, so whether you’re just tidying your property or hoping to take advantage of Ontario’s hot real estate market, new windows are an easy way to increase your home’s appeal and value.

Fix faded colors, upgrade your style, or restore your windows to their former glory – you’d be surprised what a difference a new set of windows can make.

Muskoka Window and Door Centre replaces windows year-round. Our experienced and knowledgeable team works with the top manufacturers in North America to offer homeowners the latest styles, materials, and fixtures. If you’re looking to add value to your home or finally fix those problem areas around your panes and frames, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your needs and/or schedule an appointment.