Accidents happen but if you’ve just cracked a window in your dream Muskoka cottage, that small fissure can seem like a very big deal. 

Depending on the extent of the damage, you might be able to smooth things over with a DIY repair but you will eventually need a professional to replace the entire pane. Cracked windows are unsecured windows and the last thing you want is cottage country rain leaking into your Huntsville hideaway or Bracebridge bolthole. Not to mention the impact leaky windows can have on your energy bills.

Why do windows crack?

There are three types of window cracks:

  1. Pressure cracks – one of the most common causes of cracking, fluctuations in weather conditions can cause pressure shifts that produce tiny splinters in your glass. These are typically seen in double-paned windows and/or those installed at high or low elevations.
  2. Impact cracks – impact cracks occur when an object forcefully strikes the glass and breaks it.
  3. Stress cracks – these happen as windows age. At the start, they’re generally too small to be noticeable but will worsen over time. 

DIY repairs on a cracked window

Time to get out the tools. Small cracks in your glass can often be repaired in minutes with everyday household items. Always wear a thick pair of work gloves when undertaking repairs to protect your hands. 

Before embarking on any repairs, put gentle pressure on the pane to check that it’s still firmly in place – windows crack when they’re under stress and that can shake the whole frame, loosening panes. 

Once you’re sure the glass is sturdy you can get to work. Carefully examine the crack for any holes as these will need to be plugged first. If there are tiny holes, you can fill them in with clear nail polish, brushing it on in layers for smooth coverage.

If you don’t see holes, just grab a roll of packing tape and smooth some over the crack, making sure there’s no trapped air or dirt.

Dealing with a spider-like crack that’s covering a wide area? Pick up a sheet of plastic from your local hardware store to completely cover the frame and keep your home insulated until you can arrange for a professional repair. Depending on the size of the window and weather conditions, you could also use bubble wrap, cardboard, or a combination of all three. 

Arranging window removal

Temporary fixes are short-term solutions by nature. Cracked glass will never be as safe and secure as an undamaged pane so you will have to consult a professional and schedule window removal and installation. 

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