Your Muskoka cottage deserves the best. Whether you’re decorating, renovating or updating your dream home, it’s worth diving into the details to make sure all your fixtures and fittings are top notch. 

When it comes to windows, there’s a lot to think about – do they reflect the overall style of the house? Will they hold up to winter? Are they energy efficient? How much maintenance do they need?

Casement windows are one of the most popular styles on the market, prized for their reliability, look and function. If you’re interested in upgrading to this sophisticated style read on for a comprehensive guide on casement types and how they can transform the look of your rural retreat.

What are casement windows?

Take a look at the cottages around Muskoka, and you’ll see plenty of beautiful casement windows adorning their exteriors. These elegant windows are installed vertically with a hinge at the side to open outwards, like shutters or doors. 

You may also hear them referred to as ‘crank windows’ since some models swing open via a crank handle

Casements come in two styles: fixed or operable.

Operable casement windows swing open from the side which has the advantage of giving you better ventilation and making them easier to clean.

By contrast, fixed casements don’t open. They’re primarily used as windows to give you an unobstructed view of the outdoors in areas that benefit from lots of light. They’re also used where you want the light, but don’t necessarily need a lot of ventilation, such as in stairwells.

Some suppliers offer a combination of fixed and operable so one part of the window can open out while the other remains sealed. You’ll often see this type of hybrid in bay windows.

If you’re really looking to impress, consider french casement windows. Just like french doors, these open out from the centre to instantly give any room a breezy feel. They’re a great choice for any well-trafficked area in your home, especially those that are South-facing so you can catch the sun all day long.

Frames and fixtures for casement windows

Casements can be framed in a variety of materials including wood, vinyl, aluminum or fibreglass. Wood continues to win out in Muskoka as homeowners embrace the rustic look. Durable, strong and the perfect complement to the natural landscape, it’s not hard to understand its appeal.

With lumber prices fluctuating, however, wood isn’t always an option. Cost-conscious cottagers can explore more budget-friendly frames such as a wood combination, vinyl or aluminum.

The next step is picking your accessories. Casements can be dressed up with a sash, decorative hinges and handles and/or stays to support the window pane on windy days.

If you’re interested in winterizing your cottage, you may want to make your casements triple-paned rather than double. This offers greater protection against the icy blasts of Canada’s winter, while sealing in the warmth and reducing your energy bills.

As with any window model, casements should always be fitted by an experienced and professional installer who can carry out accurate measurements and advise you on any unforeseen issues. 

Muskoka Window and Door Centre specializes in installation, repairing and upgrading windows of all kinds, including casement styles. Our partnership with leading manufacturers means we can bring you the very latest products, styles and furnishings to suit your lakeside getaway. Contact us today to see how we can transform your home.