When quality matters partnering with a window and door company will make a huge difference to your design looks – inside and out – your energy consumption, and the life of the products you choose – all of which may impact your budget – but will offer lasting peace of mind and the quality and significance of the various views and looks of your cottage home.

When Investing in New Windows and Doors you will want to Investigate:

  • key features and benefits of the type and style of the products you choose.
  • What is involved in the installation process? How important is it that your window and door supplier are experts in the timely installation of the products based on what is often a moving target of building completion dates? What is actually included in the installation process? Your builder or general contractor will require expert installation for the simple reason that warrantees are voided if installs are not professionally done. Muskoka Window & Door Centre installers are all professionally ‘supplier trained’ by our partners. We know cottage country and the many pitfalls involved in building new and structural renovations.
    In short – timing can be a deal breaker. While the investment you are considering is significant, it is an over sight to cut budgets on windows and or doors, which, in the long run provides huge energy savings and the various views that you will enjoy looking out, on your special landscape. Knowing that you are working with a neighbouring company that has local cottage country experience, is a significant factor. Don’t be fooled. All of our installers are full time employees who are specially trained to finish your home or cottage to exacting standards.
  • Quality products – through our 35 years specializing in the Window and Door business, we have developed specialized partnerships with suppliers that we can count on to deliver products we can recommend to a range of budgets and quality.  Consider that five to ten to fifteen years hence, you’ll still enjoy the decisions made together based on the options, final designs, and operating products chosen. In short, all of our partner/ suppliers have time-tested warrantees that will give you peace of mind when such a significant part of your build budget is involved.
Builder / Architect / Contractor Relations

Often the relationship with your builder, architect, or general contractor and your Window/Door supplier is an over looked consideration in the planning of a new build or a renovation. We work closely with many builders, design specialists, and contractors who are familiar with our specialized scope of product offerings and installation procedures. Introducing your building partner to us can save time and even budget in this process. Whether investing directly with us, showing us your plans or having your professionals contact us, it is still a very good idea to visit our showroom to see and operate the various products we offer. This is time extremely well invested, that will pay dividends long after your build is complete and you are looking out on your lake, river or stand of trees. One of our many commitments to you is to simplify this process for you.

Our Partners

We do have options, and on occasion, these options can be somewhat overwhelming. By visiting our showroom in Muskoka, an appointment with our experts can save you time, because we can help ‘drill down’on the basics of your style and design wants and needs. We’ll also demonstrate the operation of the various windows available today. You’ll be somewhat surprised and amazed to see the new technologies available today, especially in the large category door openings, and new security feature offerings.

Randy Hodges:“When building new or doing a major renovation, you’ll want a good selection of quality options to make an informed decision. At Muskoka Window And Door Centre, we listen to what qualities are important to you and we’ll provide the best solutions for your project.”

Our key suppliers are listed here. We have invested a great deal of time and resources to be able to give you information on our various partners. Feel free to browse the Supplier Section of our site by clicking on any of these partners: Andersen, Synergy, Western, Ostaco, Dashwood and EuroVinyl.

“Our Business is Satisfied Customers”