It’s spring, which means many Muskoka homeowners are thinking about renovations. If you’re casting a creative eye over your cottage country property, you might be wondering just how to tackle the more complicated upgrades – like replacing a window with a door.

You might decide it’s time to turn your external window into a patio door, or you might want to freshen up a tired frame by replacing it with a stylish sliding door. Whatever the reason, this type of renovation is best done by a professional installer to ensure picture-perfect results and minimize the risk of accident and damage. An expert can also talk you through the structural issues involved and let you know which, if any, permits you need for the project. 

Step one: Do your homework

While converting a window is easier than creating a new door from scratch, there are still many things to consider with this home improvement project. 

Always check local bylaws first to see what permits you may need. These are easily accessible from the Muskoka district website and strictly enforced so homeowners ignore them at their peril. 

Secondly, consider the space – is there wiring where you want to renovate? Are there any structural weak spots? What size is the opening and will it need adjusting to fit your dream door?

It’s helpful to choose a wide window for your replacement as this gives you more room to work with, and makes it easier to fit double doors, sliding doors, or decorative frames for a single door.

Step two: Choose your door

Once you’ve got your permits and selected the ideal window opening, you can choose almost any door for your project. Conversions can be done for double, single, or sliding doors. They can also be adjusted for custom-made doors if you’ve a specific design in mind and installed with many different styles of frames. A professional installer can help you decide what style, shape, and design would work best for your space. Bear in mind that custom orders take longer than standard designs, so you may adjust your renovation timeline accordingly.

Step three: Installation

Removing a window involves cutting through the siding around the window before removing the rest of the siding, insulation, window frame, and pane. The door and its hardware is then safely slotted into the opening. 

Again, this is a job for professionals. An experienced contractor will ensure your door is properly fitted, insulated, and sealed so you don’t run into structural issues down the road. 

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