The doors in your home or cottage play a huge role in the level of enjoyment you’re able to get out of the gorgeous Muskoka scenery. If you’ve been noticing that your squeaky old screen door just isn’t cutting it anymore or that you’re not quite getting the most out of your view, it might be time to consider upgrading to sliding glass doors.

Sliding doors are a sleek, stylish and practical way to maximize your view of the outside world without compromising your own comfort. They offer a timeless aesthetic appeal that will never risk going out of style, and increase the amount of light allowed into your home.

The benefits of sliding glass doors

Aside from giving your cottage some much-needed functionality, natural light and unlocking beautiful new views of the breathtaking Muskoka scenery, sliding glass doors offer an aesthetic appeal which will never go out of style. Sliding glass doors have been a staple in contemporary home design for years now, with almost no risk of their popularity fading over time. Sliding doors make accessing the outdoors incredibly easy, opening up your cottage to the patio or backyard, connecting your kitchen to your outdoor cooking area, and allowing you to entertain guests indoors or outdoors in a single motion.

A dramatic improvement in air circulation and ventilation is also offered by sliding doors, letting you cool down your home on breezy summer days or keep the chilly weather outdoors in the fall and winter months. Sliding doors are an energy efficient alternative to traditional doors, lowering your utility bills all year round and keeping you and your loved ones comfortable.

The most popular sliding glass doors to maximize your view all year long

We’re very lucky to have been able to work with some of the industry’s biggest and best names, allowing our window and door installation experts to get a good feel for what the absolute highest quality sliding glass doors are, and how well they’ll fit your unique personal needs. Some of the sliding doors featured in our showroom include:

Western Window Systems’ sliding glass doors, featuring a unique single track system which allows for smooth and seamless operation, the ability to have up to four stackable panels to fit a variety of sizes and openings, a low maintenance aluminum design, and the option to choose a thermally broken aluminum design, perfect for withstanding the harsh Muskoka winter season.

The XO Sliding Door by Centor, offering Muskoka cottage owners a grand and elegant gateway to the outdoors. Centor’s sliding door systems feature a sleek, slim wood interior with a low-maintenance aluminum exterior so you can spend more time appreciating the world around you. The XO Sliding Door features seamless gliding operation and a sliding track nearly flush with the floor, keeping accidents to an absolute minimum and putting all the focus on your view.

For an extra large view of your surroundings, Bigfoot offers functional and stylish sliding doors with an insulated aluminum design, seamless lift-and-slide system for smooth operation, and so much more. Bigfoot’s sliding doors are manufactured with harsh weather in mind, built to withstand the nastiest Muskoka winters and the harshest summer weather. These windows are water tight, can reduce sound, and are available in a gorgeous panorama design for cottage owners looking for a floor-to-ceiling door system to knock your socks off.

The showroom at Muskoka Window and Door Centre is home to some of the best sliding glass door systems on the market, and our team is well-versed in what doors will meet the unique needs and budgets of all Muskoka home and cottage owners. To find out more about our full lineup of sliding glass doors, get in touch with us today.