Ontario-based manufacturer Bigfoot has made a name for itself manufacturing high quality custom architectural window and door designs. Bigfoot’s exceptional level of innovation and responsive customer service has led them to becoming one of the most respected names in window and door manufacturing throughout the country, one that Muskoka Window and Door Centre is proud to work with.

One of the best examples of the high quality architectural systems offered by Bigfoot are their Premium and Ultimum Entrance Doors. Bigfoot’s line of architectural entrance doors truly become an aesthetic symbol of your Muskoka cottage, keeping you safe without compromising your style or your home’s energy efficiency.

Bigfoot Premium Entrance Doors – A strong and impressive symbol of your property

With their elegant architectural design and high performance features, these premium entrance doors are sure to make a lasting impression on all your guests. Bigfoot’s Premium doors feature a four-folded tightness design and four-folded glazing that performs to exceptionally high thermal conductivity standards. Bigfoot Premium doors are available in aluminum and a wood look finish, making for premium quality doors that truly make you feel safe and secure.

These doors feature panels up to 105 mm thick, with a firm and rigid construction that ensures your family and property are well-guarded. Premium doors feature a 3-point safety lock that boasts two large hooks and three strong hinges, ensuring that your cottage is fully protected. Bigfoot Premium entrance doors are available in various different sizes, with a wide variety of available finishes and designs available to you, including the innovative Premium Optico, to help you match these high quality doors to the architectural splendor of your cottage. Also available are a wide selection of accessories that include handles, protective trim, LED illumination, and more.

Bigfoot Ultimum Entrance Doors – An awe-inspiring technological feat

Bigfoot’s like of Ultimum entrance doors are truly a technological feat that gives owners the confidence needed in knowing that their property is safe, secure, and aesthetically unmatched. The Ultimum entrance doors feature a maximum thickness of 14 cm, fortifying your Muskoka cottage and giving you peace of mind in knowing that you and your family are truly secure. Every aspect of these innovative entrance doors has been created to be truly groundbreaking, featuring elegant colours and designs, sophisticated LED lighting, and security features that include fingerprint scanners that can be installed in the handle or concealed.

Bigfoot entrance doors

Bigfoot Ultimum doors are handmade by engineers who have an unparalleled eye for detail, making each one a work of art. Ultimum entrance doors can be fully customized to meet your needs and preferences, with many inside and outdoor door handle and threshold details available to make these doors your own. Ultimum doors can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, each one made to feature outstanding insulation factors that keep your home energy efficient, and add to the solid nature of Bigfoot XL and XXL doors. Each door is available in a wide selection of designs, colours, and glosses, with a variety of glass, accessories, and security options at your disposal.

Muskoka Window and Door Centre is an official dealer of Bigfoot window and door products, including their Premium and Ultimum Entrance Doors. For more information about Bigfoot Premium and Ultimum entrance doors, as well as the full line of Muskoka Window & Door Centre’s high quality line of window and door products, visit our website or contact us today.