You may find yourself feeling a breeze or a little too much cool air during the cold fall and winter months. But you may not have the time or money to get old, drafty windows replaced right away. Using insulating window film can be a helpful stopgap solution. 

Not only does insulating window film keep the warm air in, but it provides savings on energy and heating costs. According to Energy Star, a program of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), using window film to seal drafts or leaks can save an average of 15% on heating costs and an average of 11% on energy costs. 

Before starting the process of installing an insulating window film, you must first find out just where the leaks and drafts are coming from. Energy Star provides a number of different things that could be a sign of leaks; windows rattling in the wind, gaps around the trim of a window or door, pests or dust entering through specific gaps around a window or door, and paint peeling from a window or door frame. 

If any of these signs lead you to believe you are dealing with a drafty window or door, there are a couple of methods to test where exactly it’s coming from. 

– Try closing your door or window on something thin like a piece of paper. If it is able to be moved with ease, then the window or door is not properly secure. 

– Light a candle or incense and hold it up toward the window. If the smoke floats in one direction or the other, that’s a good indication of a leak. 

It’s important to install window film properly 

Once you have discovered just where the leak or draft is coming from, it’s important to properly install the insulating window film in order to get the benefits of doing so. Energy Star recommends shrink-wrapping the plastic window film by using a source of heat, such as a space heater or hairdryer, during the installation process. 

It is easy to see why insulating window film can be an appealing solution to cold drafts. It can reduce drafts and help you save on heating costs until you are ready for replacements. That way, your cottage will warm up faster if you want to drive up for a weekend here and there or over a long weekend. However, for all the short-term benefits that window film can provide, it is only that: a short-term solution. 

If you are considering using insulating window film because you don’t think anyone in Muskoka replaces windows in winter, think again. We do, and it’s probably more affordable than you think. In fact, winter and early spring are the best times to book your job because we can book it usually within a couple of weeks of your order, depending on whether or not you’re having custom windows made (that can take 2-6 weeks). When it’s time for the long-term solution of properly replacing your drafty windows, Muskoka Window and Door is there for you, even during those cold winter months.