Canadians everywhere are bracing for another long, cold season. During winter months, you’re going to want to do whatever you can to make your home or cottage a little warmer so that you and your family can be comfortable. Your home’s windows play a big role in keeping you warm during the winter, but they can be easy to overlook. A great deal of heat can be lost through your windows if the proper precautions aren’t taken, giving you higher hydro bills along with frosty toes. One of the best ways to reduce heat loss and keep your home comfortable throughout the winter is to use the right window coverings for the season.

Why use window coverings to keep your home warm?
During the winter months, older windows are responsible for losing up to 30% of a home’s heating energy. One of the most effective ways to combat this heat loss (other than having new high-performance windows installed) is by using window coverings, which work to insulate your windows and reduce the amount of heat loss, keeping the heat inside your home where it should be. The effectiveness of your window coverings will depend on what type of covering it is, and how effectively it’s used.

What kind of window coverings work best?
One of the most important elements of an effective window covering is fit – in order to act as a barrier to avoid heat loss, a window covering needs to fit as close to your window as possible. The most effective type of window covering for the purpose of keeping you warmer in the winter months are cellular shades, which are designed to fold up like an accordion, and usually sit at the top or bottom of your windows. These coverings are most effective because of their honeycomb-like cross-sections that act as an insulating barrier against energy loss. Cellular shades can reduce heat loss by up to 40% in the winter months, saving you money on utilities and keeping you more comfortable.

Window quilts are another great way to reduce heat loss throughout the winter months and have the distinct advantage of fitting snugly against windows and costing less than cellular shades. While curtains and drapes don’t provide a snug fit against your window, they can reduce heat loss by up to 10%. Traditional shades and blinds also work to reduce winter heat loss, though they are less effective than cellular shades, window quilts, and curtains.

Window coverings are most effective when they’re used strategically by homeowners. The majority of homeowners keep their window coverings in the same position every day, which can actually work against you in the winter months. Opening your coverings on sunny days will let natural light into your home, maximizing the amount of heat in your home. Closing window coverings in the evenings will trap some of this heat inside, lowering the demand on your heating system.

Protect your cottage this winter with security shutters
If you’re planning on shutting down your cottage for the winter, you should strongly consider investing in security shutters that will keep your belongings safe and secure throughout the season. Pentagon security shutters are the best way to ensure that your cottage is protected and your belongings are safe while you’re away, keeping out intruders and protecting your home against extreme weather. Pentagon’s low-maintenance security shutters are custom made to fit your windows perfectly, featuring easy-to-use manual or remote control operation that will restore your unobstructed view to the world around you. For more information about Muskoka Window & Door Centre’s high-quality line of window and door products, contact us today.