As the summer season ramps up, many homeowners are thinking about giving their Muskoka cottage a new look

But where to start? Whether you want to upgrade your windows, try out a new style, or simply do some much-needed maintenance, you need a contractor you can trust.

With so many of Muskoka’s seasonal residents hailing from the city, it’s tempting to hunt around the GTA for a big firm that makes big promises. But if you really want the most for your dollar, and the best quality work, it’s worth shopping locally.

Reasons to stay local

1. Cost

Everyone has a budget in mind when they embark on renovations. New windows are a great investment in your lakefront home, but they come at a cost and that cost can quickly skyrocket when using contractors who aren’t familiar with the area.

City contractors often charge more in labor costs to offset the logistics of working in a partially remote area like the Muskokas. They’re also not as connected to the local construction network so may have difficulty sourcing the best materials for the best price. 

2. Expenses

Another hidden cost that may sink your bottom line is expenses. Sending contractors north means covering their travel, accommodation if they need it, and other expenses – all of which will show up on your final bill.

3. Local lore

Local contractors know the Muskokas. From Gravenhurst to Huntsville and Bracebridge to Georgian Bay, they’ve lived and worked in these communities for decades. 

That means they’re intimately familiar with the area’s challenges and pitfalls. They know the best type of glass to keep out the lakefront winds, they can find the best local materials at the cheapest price, and they can help you design your home in a way that complements the Muskoka landscape.

Contractors that live here year-round have an appreciation for the Muskoka climate, and what it can do to a home. They’re your cottage’s best defence against winter, casting an experienced eye over potential troublespots where chilly winds could invade your home or snow seep in.

And if you’re new to the area, local suppliers are an invaluable resource for getting to know your second home. They can give you the lowdown on the best activities, eateries, and shops – all the hidden gems that only a local knows.

4. Trained & trusted

Muskoka Windows & Door Centre is a family-owned firm, born and raised in the Muskoka area. Our team prides itself on its reputation for sterling service and local expertise. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners create their picture-perfect lakeside retreat – bringing our local knowledge, experience and skills to every project. 

We don’t use subcontractors, only our fully trained and trusted team, giving you peace of mind while we work on your property. It’s not too early to think about your spring or summer project – book now before spots fill up and get a guaranteed start date for your renovations. You can’t prepare for everything 2022 will bring, but you can at least ensure there are no leaky windows in your future!