Spring is finally here – the snow will soon begin to melt, and cottagers from all around the province will soon descend upon the Muskoka region to kick off cottage season. At this point in the season, it’s natural for you to be feeling a little antsy. You might be looking for an opportunity to get away from the city for a while, and as a result, might be considering heading to the cottage a little earlier than you normally would.

Opening your cottage early can have many benefits, allowing you to get ahead of the game so you can start soaking up the sun earlier than everybody else. Opening the cottage early can also present a number of challenges on top of the usual cottage opening checklist that you’ll have to deal with before you can kick back and relax at the cottage. Here’s what you need to know about opening your cottage early this year.

Make sure your road is accessible and you bring shovels and salt
The first thing you’ll need to do before heading out to your cottage is ensure that your road is actually accessible. Check in with your road association or neighbours (if applicable) before you head out.

The last thing you want is to be forced to turn around because you can’t get your vehicle on the road. Roads can be very icy, wet, and slushy during the late winter and early spring, making salt and a shovel a necessity if you wish to get to your cottage without incident. Even in the event that your road has been cleared, be prepared for the last bit of winter to hit and make sure you’re ready to clear snow away.

Will your water still work in colder temperatures?
Just because springtime is upon us, doesn’t mean that subzero temperatures aren’t here to stay for a while longer. Ensuring that your water pumps and lines will work as intended in these temperatures is essential.

These pieces of equipment should be able to function properly around freezing temperatures, but it’s important to stay prepared nonetheless. You’ll have to inspect your water lines, put your pump in the water if it isn’t permanently installed in the lake, and perform other typical cottage opening tasks. Bring the appropriate gear for the occasion such as waders, as snow, ice, and cold temperatures will continue to be present for at least a few weeks.

Keep an eye on your septic system
Snowmelt can lead to excessive water building up in your septic or sump pit, which can lead to backups in tub drains – especially if your septic is only sized for seasonal use. This isn’t usually a problem during the traditional May long weekend cottage opening season, so keep in mind that you’ll have to change your habits slightly to ensure that water does not back up into your home. Doing things like limiting laundry loads, washing dishes by hand, and conserving water in other ways will help prevent backups.

The best time to take care of upgrades and maintenance
Settling in ahead of the May long weekend gives you the distinct advantage of being able to tackle upgrades and maintenance around the cottage. Since few others will be around before the May long weekend, local companies and contractors will have the time to book your projects in. Waiting until the snow has melted means that you’ll be at the back of the line, potentially forcing you to wait all summer before a spot opens.

Opening the cottage early gives you the perfect opportunity to upgrade your windows, doors, and insulation to ensure that the cottage is comfortable all summer long, or you can tackle that nagging maintenance jobs and yard work you’ve been wanting to get around to.

Stay ahead of the game by booking your window and door upgrades with Muskoka Window & Door Centre today.