Winter is here, are your windows ready?

The season of snowstorms, plummeting temperatures, and icy rain can be a challenge for Muskoka homeowners, exposing every leak, gap, and crack in their lakeside cottages.

If you find yourself shivering at night or feeling a chilly breeze indoors, it’s time to get those windows checked. If they’re not energy efficient, they’re not keeping out the cold and they’re certainly not keeping down your heating costs.

What are energy efficient windows?

Every part of your window, from the frame to the pane, has to be tough enough to keep out the weather. 

Energy efficient windows are designed to reflect heat in the summer, while keeping it indoors during the winter. Double panes are best for maximum protection and choosing environmentally sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood for the frame can further improve your green credentials.

If you’re not sure how efficient your windows are, look for the Energy Star logo. This certification shows that the product has met the necessary energy efficiency standards required in North America. Both Canada and the US use the Energy Star program so it’s recognized by manufacturers on both sides of the border.

Energy Star windows are around 20 percent more efficient than the average window, and Energy Star skylights are 35 percent more efficient. The accreditation’s highest level, Energy Star Most Efficient, can further boost efficiency by as much as 55 percent.

Those energy savings will be quickly felt in your bills – cutting an average of 12 percent off your heating costs each year. 

And with the government eager to promote these kinds of schemes, they also offer attractive incentives to homeowners who go green. Use Energy Star products and you may qualify for rebates or incentives to further drive down your spending.

Installing your energy efficient windows

Selecting your windows is only half the battle. Without proper installation, they can very quickly become just as inefficient as regular models, not to mention setting you up for structural problems down the road. That’s why it’s crucial to use a professional installation firm that can guarantee high-quality work.

Muskoka Window and Door Centre works with the best manufacturers in the business to supply and fit industry-leading energy efficient windows in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. 

One of our most popular suppliers, Andersen Windows & Doors, has been working with the Energy Star program for over two decades and doesn’t just offer Energy Star windows, but also carries a range of energy efficient frame materials and panes. 

Our team works year-round so don’t worry about waiting until spring. Getting your new and improved windows installed in the off-season means less disruption and more chance that you can book an appointment to suit your schedule instead of languishing on a spring/summer waiting list.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a few windows or redesign your space to be more energy-efficient, we can help. Get in touch today to see how we can transform your Ontario cottage country retreat.