Aluminum-clad windows not only enhance the appearance of your cottage or home but also its overall market value. While they give your home an elegant, modern look, they are able to stand up to all kinds of harsh weather. It’s a smart way to protect your beautiful solid wood windows from the elements and increase their lifespan.

Here are the main advantages of using aluminum-clad windows:

  • Beauty and curb appeal: Aluminum-clad windows have a chic, smooth finish. They provide a rich, clean look which helps dress up the exterior of your home. The enhanced curb appeal makes your home stand out.
  • Durability: High quality extruded aluminum cladding withstands extreme weather and is also resistant to abrasion and impact. You will enjoy many more years of service from your windows which will look great in all seasons.
  • Low maintenance: Aluminum-cladding answers a home or cottage owner’s preference for the warm look of wooden windows but with reduced maintenance efforts. It is especially beneficial for waterfront properties which constantly battle wind, rain and lake effect spray.
  • Energy efficiency: When combined with energy-efficient glass, aluminum clad windows reduce heat transfer providing cozy interiors and lower heating and cooling bills.
At Muskoka Window And Door Centre, You Can Pick Any Style You Want

At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, we have a wide selection of window styles and configurations for you to choose from. Our stylish custom windows are the pride of many homeowners in Ontario’s cottage country. 

  • Want your windows to match the architecture of your cottage or home?
  • Need to replace windows that are larger than the standard size?
  • Have a specific style or colour in mind?

Our aluminum-clad windows offer design flexibility, providing you with a variety of affordable and stylish options. A great selection of 50 standard and unlimited custom colours, divided light/grill and trim options allow you to create a unique look. Our flawless factory finishes will add to the aesthetic appeal of your home while reducing finishing time.

Enjoy A 5-Year Warranty From A Trusted Window Company

Muskoka Window and Door Centre has always provided our customers with exceptional products and service. Our 5-year workmanship warranty on all new installations demonstrates our quality and gives you complete peace of mind. You can count on us to ensure a perfect fit and seamless performance for years to come.

If you are in the market for new aluminum-clad windows, give the experts at Muskoka Windows and Doors a call today at 705-645-3057 | Toll Free: 800.461.5495.