Great Tips From Window Installation Experts

Here is an important piece of advice: If the windows in your home or cottage are more than 15 years old, or show any of the 7 signs below.  Replace them now! Far better to replace right away and save now. The amount you immediately start saving on your energy bills is a big incentive not to wait for a day, week or month, even in winter. Each season has its replacement pros and cons. While spring weather may be more conducive to window renovations, demand is typically higher in this season which means longer wait times.

7 Signs it’s time for window replacement:

  • Moisture on the inside of your windows
  • Rot, cracks or warping
  • Drafts
  • Increased outside noise levels
  • Sudden increase in energy bills
  • Windows don’t open or close properly
  • There is visible damage on the outside

Come to our beautiful showroom in Bracebridge for a selection of products from trusted window companies plus our expert installation. We will be happy to help you with your choices.

Take Advantage Of Our Thermal Imaging Offer During Window Replacement

Thermal imaging is an important tool that measures the energy efficiency of your home or cottage windows and doors. At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, we offer this valuable service so that you can clearly see the difference your window replacements have made. Our before and after scans leave little doubt about the benefits of installing new windows both with regard to your heating and cooling bills and comfort. Why wait to realize these important benefits?

new windows

As official suppliers for industry-leading window manufacturers, we offer the widest selection of designs, colours and finishes. Browse our extensive range of high-quality windows to find your style. When you need guidance, we are happy to help you choose the best windows to fit your architecture.

Enjoy Expert Window Installation Service With A 5-Year Warranty

When you visit to Muskoka Window and Door Centre, you will enjoy a wide variety of affordable products and professional service. Our window installation experts ensure correct sizing and fit to eliminate common operational issues. We are confident of our workmanship quality and provide a unique 5-year warranty on new installations for your complete peace of mind. You can rely on us for expert window replacements that will enhance your cottage or home design and improve your energy savings.

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